Jackson County Legislator


It' s not about a title, I represent you


  • Fight for fairness in the property tax assessment program, including affordable caps on any annual increases and assuring more accessibility for appealing unjustified increases in assessments, including after hours and weekend appointments
  • Work with state elected officials to provide greater protections against unaffordable increases in assessments on owner-occupied residents so senior citizens and others on fixed incomes aren’t forced from their homes.


  • Support home weatherization and minor home improvement programs for elderly and low-income homeowners utilizing local small contractors.
  • Reinstate the cancelled county-urban road system program which formally used 25% of the county road and bridge property taxes collected in cities to construct, reconstruct, improve and repair streets and bridges in our cities.

Public Safety

  • Assure that the millions spent annually by the COMBAT anti-drug, anti-violence program are spent effectively and allocated fairly to serve the areas of the greatest need.
  • Review the current cash bond system for low level non-violent offenders awaiting trial to assure that public safety, not poverty, is keeping people incarcerated while awaiting trial.
  • Strengthen job readiness, mental health and substance abuse programs at the Jackson County Jail with an emphasis on helping first-time offenders avoid a life of crime.


    • Change the county legislature’s meeting times so they are convenient for the public to attend.
    • Will engage community stakeholders by hosting town halls and keeping people informed about issues affecting Jackson County residents.